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Have you been searching for a pet care company that provides Kent dog walking? Look no further! Call us today to schedule an appointment with our professional Kent dog walkers!

To your dog a walk is everything - a chance to get out of the house, fill his lungs with fresh air, stretch his legs, relieve his bladder, make new friends, sniff, sniff and sniff some more! After all, dogs are designed by nature to be active and social in order to stay both physically and mentally stimulated. A well exercised dog = A happy and healthy dog! Sadly though, their needs cannot always be met due to life's circumstances. This is where we come in! If you find yourself working long hours, temporarily hospitalised, recuperating from injury or illness or just have other commitments, we'd be more than happy to break up your pooch's day with a well earned break! With our dog walking service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your best bud is getting the right amount of attention, exercise and tender loving care in your absence!

We cover a three mile service area from our home in Maidstone (ME16)


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